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Wire Bottle Brush Wooden Handle


This Florence wire bottle brush is perfect for cleaning bottles, glasses and other items with narrow openings. Ideal for baby bottles.


An essential for a plastic free kitchen. This brush is ideal for cleaning bottles or jars that are tall and with a narrow opening. Natural bristles with waxed wooden handle, 43cm long, 5.5cm diameter bristles - suitable for openings 2cm or more.

The Florence brushware range is machine made to good quality using natural materials, meaning that it’s also biodegradable at the end of its life.

Made in Germany

  • Beechwood - made through a FSC certified manufacturer with sustainability in mind
  • Natural bristles - the dorsal bristles of a species of bristle pigs, sourced from China. Light coloured or black “wild boar bristles”, the longer the bristles the tougher they are.

Allow brush to dry after each use, do not leave soaking in water.  Not suited for the dishwasher.

End of life

This brush is well made so should last you a long time if you look after it. At the end of its life, you can look at ways to repurpose it, including removing the bristles and reusing the handle for something else.

If no longer usable removed metal parts before composting and check with your local recycling facility if they accept the metal parts. As the bristles and handle is a natural material, it can be easily composted at home or in a commercial facility.

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