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Stainless Steel Safety Razor Replacement Blades - 10pk


Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic

A little pack of friends for your Albatross Design ‘Basic’ safety razor.

There is not much to say about these guys other than they are a pack of 10 high-quality double edged replacement razor blades for any double edge safety razor.

 For tips on 'How to shave with a safety razor' check out The Eco Society blog post. 


  • Stainless steel – long lasting durable material


To ensure the longest life possible we recommend rinsing thoroughly after each use, patting dry with a towel and store the shaver in a dry place.

End of life

The razor blades are dangerous and cannot go into your recycling as is so we now offer a  Blade take-back program.

To help ensure products we sell are repurposed or recycled at the end of its life we have pooled resources with Caliwoods to offer a blade take-back program.  Once we have collected enough blades, we will send them to Caliwoods were they have a few ideas for using the material and/or there will be enough to feasibly recycle.

  • Collect you used blades
  • Ensure they are clean and dry
  • Pop them back into the paper envelope they come in
  • When you have 10 or more, pop them into an envelope - ensuring they are well packed to avoid harm to those handling the mail. And send them to The Eco Society

 We will also take any blades from any brand

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