Reusable Greeting Card - Island Bay


Island Bay is a costal suburb of Wellington, New Zealand. In its bay there is a small island only a couple of meter away that it makes it different to the rest of the bays in the city. It is a very picturesque scenery when you look from the Island Bay beach out to the sea.

This is the image of a clay art piece made by Emy Oikawa.
– This card is manufactured using certified 100% recycled paper, and is proudly designed and printed in Wellington NZ
– Inside the card is a ‘frame’ you can write your message on. if you’re lucky enough to receive one of these cards, all you need to do is remove your message and slot a piece of paper in for a message for the next person.
Also it comes with an C6 (11.3 cm x 16.2 cm) size Kraft envelope made here too.

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