Pack of 3 notebooks - Toutouwai • Panu Pango • Kākā


A set of 3 blank, lined and dotted notebooks of 48 pages with 160gsm cream paper. The notebooks were handbound with a waxed thread really resistant in a pamphlet binding.

You can learn a little bit of each bird through the first page which contains some information such as a map of the distribution of the bird in New Zealand.
The heavyweight of the paper multiplies the possibilities of uses (writing, drawing, colouring, painting...).


Zumbido is a very vibrant sound sensation. It is the buzzing of the bumblebee or bee, in Portuguese.
I first started to make notebooks when I lived in Brazil, 5 years ago. Since then, I did a lot of training and experimentation with different techniques and materials.


At this time, I was still an architecture student, and my friends and I always needed a notebook or sketchbook for your work, so it was always a good opportunity to make some.
After my Master Degree, I started to travel, collecting lots of papers, fabrics, old maps of places where I went. I re-use all this material for my notebooks, that's why they are closely related to places where I live or travel, as well as the elements and materials that surround me.

The notebooks are all hand-bound and unique. In addition to the blank pages, they can be
punctuated by elements collected or drawn during my travels. I love the composition of different
paper, thickness, texture, opacity, colour, etc. So I try to put a nice mix in each notebook. Concerning the blank paper, I use recycled paper or paper from NZ made of responsible sources. Most of the various sheets are finds that I compiled during my travels and can come from many different places and vary according to what I have on the moment.



Contact :
IG : @zumbido__
FB : @zuumbido

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