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Market Basket with Long and Short Handle


Perfect for your package free shopping adventure at the local farmers market.

The New Yorker is a medium size French market basket is handmade by farmers in Morocco using traditional methods. They are handwoven from strips of fallen palm fronds which are then sewn together in rounds.

There are two handles, one long for use as a shoulder bag, the other short for carrying in the hand or over the forearm. Made with natural flat leather handle with two rows of plain tooling. 

Each basket is unique, no two are quite the same so these measurements are only a rough guideline. It is 50cm in height, 32cm dia across the top, 32cm dia base.

The ultimate sustainable shopper, it is stylish, light-weight but strong and ideal for food shopping, the beach and/or storage.

Handmade in Morocco.


  • Palm fronds – dead palm fronds which have fallen from the tree

  • Leather - Sturdy leather handles are from goat, cow or camel hide, a sustainable by-product which would otherwise go to waste


As with most things, being gentle with your items makes them last longer. This is lightweight but strong, but don’t be too rough with it. Make sure you don’t fold it or store it in damp places. When not in use, we keep it by the door to store our other reusables, so they are always on hand.

End of life

We hope this basket lasts a very long time, but if you no longer use it, you can try repurposing it into garage storage, a toy basket or using it as a pot plant cover.

At the end of its life, you can compost it at home. Along with the palm fronds, the leather straps can also be home composted.

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