The Minimal Co.

Laundry Powder Travel Tin


Ever been travelling and ended up purchasing 1kg of washing powder to do one measly load of washing? Never have this battle again with the The Minimal Co Laundry Powder Travel tin. With an 8cm diameter and a height of 4.5cm, this aluminium tin holds 200 grams of laundry powder and easily fits into your hand luggage without you needing to worry about leaks or breakage.

Our laundry powder is a plant and mineral based formula suitable for top loaders, front loaders and hand washing. It's important to reduce your exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals like optical whiteners, phosphates and artificial fragrances so we don’t use them! Not only is our laundry powder grey water and septic tank safe but it also comes in a aluminium tin, making this product extra environmentally friendly.

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