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JOCO Glass Coffee Cup 12oz/354ml


By Switching to a reusable coffee cup, you help reduce the 295 million disposable coffee cups Kiwis send to landfill each year.

This 12oz cup converts to around 354ml, which is typically a large coffee here in NZ.

JOCO reusable coffee cups are designed to last a lifetime and come in standard industry sizing, making it easy for baristas. 

The glass construction means that it doesn’t absorb flavours or smells from other beverages and won't leach chemicals as it ages. The specially designed lid allows you to drink comfortably without it touching your nose when trying to get every last drop of coffee goodness, and the tight seal that forms means you can run for the bus without spilling it everywhere! The large silicone sleeve allows you to hold the cup with your whole hand without feeling too much heat through the glass.

Designed in Australia | Made in China


  • Glass Vessel - Artisan blown, precisely formulated borosilicate glass

  • Silicone Sleeve & Lid - 100% plastic-free, precisely formulated, medical grade silicone - certified non-toxic


Dishwasher and Microwave safe, the vessel is thermal shock resistant, scratch and stain resistant, while the lid and sleeve are non-porous and antibacterial as well as stain and odour resistant. All of which means they are easy to care for!

End of life

These are made to last a lifetime so we hope you don't get to this point. Otherwise, these are recyclable, check with your local recycling facility for correct disposal. 

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