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The Eco Floss - Compostable Dental Floss


Good for your teeth and the Planet.

Keep true to your plastic free oral hygiene routine with The ECO Floss compostable dental floss. 

The ECO Floss is a minty fresh compostable dental floss in a reusable glass dispenser, making it convenient to carry with you.

Made from Cornstarch PLA, this plant-based dental floss is compostable in your home compost and is coated in a Candelilla wax making it vegan-friendly.

You can also refill your Eco Floss container with The ECO Floss dental floss refill pack.

Ethically made in China


  • Cornstarch PLA, this is a plant based compostable Plastic
  • Glass container
  • Metal lid


This little guy doesn’t require much care, keep in a dry place and avoid dropping it so it doesn’t break.

End of life

The floss is compostable and can go into a commercial or home compost system.

The glass dispenser and metal top are reusable, for use with refill floss. When you no longer need it, they are both locally recyclable.

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