Velvet Heartbeat

Deluxe Produce Bags - 3 Pack


Who said zero waste had to be boring? These produce bags come in sets of 3 guaranteed to suit your tastes and kitchen decor! They are made from upcycled discarded designer curtain swatches so you’ll also be doing your bit for preventing more textile waste heading to landfill!

They are sized to fit anything from a couple of pieces of fruit right up to larger items like broccoli or cauliflower. The fine weave of the fabric means you can use them for fruit and vegetables plus any nuts, seeds or candy from bulk bins so you can easily avoid single use plastic next time you go for your food shop. They also weigh next to nothing and fold up really small in your bag so you can keep them handy for impromptu shopping trips.

Product Details

Handmade from discarded designer curtain swatches - Polyester

Cotton drawstring


H: 29cm/11.4" x W: 29cm/11.4"


Machine washable, line dry, warm iron

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