Assa Cashmere Patala Scarf


This Thinner ply Assa Scarf is soft and Light, perfect to wear all year round 

Hand Woven by women in Nepal on self powered Looms

Both the Cashmere and Wool in Assa shawls are produced in Nepal , The heart of the Himalayas, The raw wool is then machine spun into yarn, The yarn is then distributed to Women around Kathmandu Valley to be woven into our beautiful Shawls.

These Natural Fibers Breath Easily and are naturally anti bacterial and anti microbial meaning they stay clean and hygienic, along with drawing moisture away from your body, Keeping you cosy and warm 

Our shawls are 80% Cashmere 20% Wool.

Shawl dimensions: 210cm x 70cm*

*As our shawls are hand woven by different women on different machines the length and width do vary from shawl to shawl. We do our best to ensure all our shawls are woven to be within 5cm of these dimensions 

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