Being kind to environment is important to us, so where possible we use reuse packaging which we or friends and family have received goods in. This means that although your order may not be the most instragramable, it is great for the environment. Where we do not have any suitable packaging to reuse then we will use a 100% compostable mailer or a cardboard box made from recycled materials.

Our boxes are sealed with vegetable gum paper tape which can be recycled or composted as the vegetable gum is soluble in water.

Our tissue paper is sourced from a company which values sustainability, allowing us to bring beauty to our packages without harming the environment. The tissue paper is completely acid free and FSC Certified, and is printed using soy based inks. We hope that you will take the opportunity to reuse the tissue paper before recycling or composting it.

Fragile items are wrapped in a cardboard ‘bubble wrap’ made locally upcycled from used cardboard boxes and sealed with our vegetable gum tap.

Our stickers are printed using soy based inks and are also made of paper however due to the sticky backing these are not recyclable or compostable. We are working to find an alternative to this and will keep you posted once we have resolved this issue.

We ask that you consider the packaging which arrives to you from us and other purchases you make and dispose of it responsibly, whether it be through reusing, recycling or composting.


Many brands within our collective are or are striving to be more sustainable in their products production and in the packaging they use. This may mean using materials which are purchased plastic free, upcycling materials, using materials made in a ethical and sustainable way or all of the above. Many brands have no or minimal packaging on their products to further assist in minimising waste, however due to the transition period that some brands are still in, you may still find some plastic in our store.