Messy Thinking

Do Ya Thing Daily Notepad


Introducing Wellington based artist Messy Thinking! We LOVE a good to-do list and this new notepad from Messy Thinking takes it to the next level.

How to organise a messy life day by day.

Writing down your intentions for the day is the first step to cleaning up a messy life. This daily notepad is here to help you start organising your to do list, place goals, practice gratitude and set intentions for your day.

Messy Thinking Daily Notepad Includes:
♥ A5 Size (210 x 148mm)
♥ High quality printing done at local Wellington shop
♥ 50 pages with glue padding at the top
♥ Epic first page to hang on your wall
♥ Generous to-do section
♥ Gratitude section
♥ Goals section
♥ Intention for your day section


Created by Wellington local Messy Thinking. 

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